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Die chinesische Regierung ist zu einem der wichtigsten Akteure in der internationalen Politik aufgestiegen. Ohne eine sorgfältige Analyse des politischen Systems ist ein fundiertes Verständnis des Aufstiegs der Volksrepublik China nicht möglich. Welchen Anteil haben politisches System und Staatstätigkeit an der wirtschaftlichen Transformation Chinas? Welche Konsequenzen haben wirtschaftliche Modernisierung und weltwirtschaftliche Integration für das politische System? Ist Chinas politisches System fähig, sich veränderten ökonomischen, technologischen, gesellschaftlichen und internationalen Bedingungen anzupassen?

Dieses Buch soll zu einem differenzierten Verständnis der Voraussetzungen, Potenziale und Risiken der politischen Entwicklung in China beitragen. Es basiert auf einer umfassenden Auswertung chinesischer Quellen und auf dem neuesten Stand der internationalen Chinaforschung. Das Buch ist jetzt auch in englischer Übersetzung beim Verlag Rowman & Littlefield Publishers erschienen.

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6.7 Public budgets: The role of local-government financing platforms

NDRC and MOFCOM are increasingly scrutinizing overseas acquisitions by Chinese firms

The commissions are reviewing overseas deals in minute details. Firms engaged in ODI must provide clear motivations of purchases.

Source EN

6.11 Environmental policy: Curtailing urban air pollution

New literature

“Implementation of Pollution Control Targets in China: Has a Centralized Enforcement Approach Worked?”: Zhang Xuehua finds that the national pollution reduction target system established in 2007 has reduced the overreporting problem with emission data, enhanced local monitoring and enforcement capacity. To some degree, the more frequent inspections, deterred violations. However, verification remains highly resource intensive, involves little external oversight and public participation.

6.14 Foreign and security policies: Maritime rights and interests

China officially opens its first overseas military base in Djibouti

Beijing insists that the facility is merely a logistical support base, but live-fire drills held in September point in a different direction.

6.18 Mega-projects: China’s South-to-North Water Transfer Project

To improve the water quality of the Danjiangkou Reservoir, numerous large-scale farms have been closed

Hubei’s provincial government closed 134 large-scale farms. The reservoir is a key source for the SNTWP because its middle route starts here.

2.6.2 Hong Kong’s political trajectory

Xi Jinping sets harsh tone at the twentieth anniversary of the Hong Kong handover

In his speech, he stressed that anything that could “endanger China’s sovereignty and security” or challenge the central government in Beijing was “absolutely impermissible.” Calls for more autonomy from the central government have been gaining traction in Hong Kong since the Occupy Movement of 2014.

Source EN, Source CN

2.6.3 Constraints on democratization

Four lawmakers disqualified from Hong Kong’s Legislative Council

The Hong Kong High Court ruled on July 14 that the oaths the four pan-democratic lawmakers took to be sworn in in October 2016 were invalid. Two lawmakers from the new party Youngspiration were previously disqualified. With the additional disqualifications, the pan-democratic bloc has lost its veto power in Hong Kong’s parliament. The disqualification follows a controversial interpretation of Hong Kong’s Basic Law by the National People’s Congress, which ruled that deviations from the standard oath should be punished with disqualification.

Source EN, Source CN

2.12 The military and politics

Xi Jinping surprises the world with a strong display of China’s military prowess

On the eve of the 90th anniversary of the PLA’s founding, China held a massive military parade at China’s largest military training base in Zhurihe in Inner Mongolia. Donning a camouflage uniform, Xi categorically said that the PLA is capable of defeating China’s enemies. China’s Ministry of Defense emphasized that all shown military gear was indigenously developed while half of it being displayed for the first time.

Source EN, Source CN

Private companies to play a stronger role in China’s defense industry

A jointly released document by the Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission called for a stronger cooperation between the military and civilian sectors to develop advanced weapon technologies (21 July). This strategy highlights China’s efforts to reduce barriers between the civilian and military sectors and to increase the role of market forces in its ambitious PLA reform program.

Source EN, Source CN

4.4 The political initiation and implementation of economic reform

Mixed-ownership reform to expand in Q3 2017

A number of additional mixed-ownership reforms of State-owned enterprises (SOEs) are in the pipeline following the initial implementation at China Unicom involving private sector technologic giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu. Plans have been drafted for mixed-ownership structure for China National Aviation Holding Co, Power Construction Corp of China, and China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corp.

Source EN, Source CN

China with ambitious targets in becoming leading AI power by 2030

The State Council announced a roadmap with a general outline of which targets China’s capabilities in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) should achieve by 2030. Guided by government finance AI industry should strengthen in areas including semiconductors, super computers, and software. With economic as well as defense interests involved in gaining technological leadership in the field, the government is also engaging with the countries tech companies.

Source EN, Source CN

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