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MERICS aims to use various types of publication to reach a wide range of target groups – including a non-specialist audience with an interest in China, businesspeople, journalists and political decision makers. MERICS makes use of the whole spectrum of digital media to provide information about China.

MERICS Twitter uses social media to provide immediate comment on current events.

The most important news is reported by MERICS China Update. The newsletter can be subscribed to here.

The MERICS China Monitor reports on important trends and occurrences, with a focus on concrete recommendations for action.

MERICS Papers on China present our experts‘ analysis on a wide range of aspects of China’s development.  The English-language publications are based on field studies, interviews, surveys, statistics and other sources. 

The MERICS China Policy Brief serves as analytical assistance for decision-makers in politics and economy. It presents alternative scenarios with regard to current events and developments and concisely formulates options for action.

MERICS China Mapping offers a new perspective using facts and figures.

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MERICS China Monitor

MERICS China Policy Brief

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MERICS China Mapping

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