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Hou Nian Hao!

We wish you a happy year of the monkey!

Our calendar is filling up fast - and this year promises to be as turbulent as the previous one. China is sailing through stormy waters and causing jitters around the world. Keeping abreast of developments gets harder by the day. But giving you the tools to understand where China is headed is exactly what we see as our mission at MERICS.

Our team kept growing over the past year. We had fruitful discussions at conferences, workshops, and through our China Dispute and China Lounge series. We developed new formats for providing you with analysis on China – the China Policy Brief and the MERICS Podcast, to name just a few. 

And we were able to present our combined knowledge in a book: “The Political System of the People’s Republic of China” (Springer Science 2016).

In the Year of the Monkey we will launch a blog to further engage you in the China conversation – and we have many other plans to keep you informed about China. So don’t forget to check our website www.merics.org for regular updates.

We look forward to many encounters and exchanges.

Stay healthy!

With kind regards, Your MERICS Team



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