MERICS Papers on China:
Chinese Foreign Direct Investment
in Germany and Europe

Preparing for a new era of Chinese capital

Chinese FDI in Europe and Germany

On the basis of a unique transaction dataset, the authors Thilo Hanemann and Mikko Huotari analyze the newest trends of Chinese direct investment in Germany and the EU. The study „Chinese Foreign Direct Investment“ that was first published in 2015 is updated on a regular basis. It highlights the chances and risks the new wave of Chinese investments offers for Germany and Europe in a period of economic transition. China is not just any investor: Its economic model and the hybrid character of many Chinese companies as well as the speed and scope of investment flows pose a great number of challenges. The authors make concrete recommendations for German and European decision-makers from politics and business.

This report is a collaboration between the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) in Berlin and Rhodium Group (RHG) in New York.

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