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MERICS Economic Indicators Q3/2017

Growth takes priority over debt reduction

The state of China’s economy cannot be measured in growth figures alone. Based on this premise, MERICS has launched a new analysis project to interpret data on the Chinese economy. The first issue analyzes data for the third quarter 2017 and gives an overview of China’s economic development right up to the 19th Congress of the Communist Party.

The MERICS Economic Indicators, which will be published on a quarterly basis, trace the multiple data sets that shape China’s development in key areas, among them growth figures, investment flows, industrial output, financial markets and consumer sentiment. Each publication will present key findings in graphics and text and feature in-depth analysis on one select focus issue.

In their analyses, the authors Max J. Zenglein and Maximilian Kärnfelt unveil the mechanics of China’s economic system and the policy decisions that shape it. The indicators are mostly based on data from China’s National Statistical Bureau (NBS), but macroeconomic indicators cannot tell the whole story. A closer review of these data often reveals hidden developments and trends.

MERICS has developed the MERICS China Confidence Index as an early indicator of trends in China’s economy. The index combines data on the economic development with other indicators that measure Chinese market participants’ future expectations.