When less can be more – half-naked thief challenges Chinese police

Thieves usually prefer inconspicuous clothing or veil themselves to avoid being identified. A man in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang however hoped for a better outcome by not giving away any hints on his personal taste in clothing. 

Over the past year, he repeatedly broke into hotel rooms to steal money. Surveillance cameras caught him and uncovered his simple camouflage: While wearing gloves, a mask and a cap in a typical burglar’s manner, his body was covered by only one garment – his underpants.

With his extraordinary tactics the half-naked thief presented the local police with great challenges

He was credited with exceptional climbing skills that allowed him to break even into those hotel rooms that were difficult to access. Furthermore, he could never be identified on a surveillance video. 

Finally, the police managed to catch him in the act. After his arrest he confessed his crimes. As a motive the middle-aged suspect claimed that he urgently needed money. He was suffering from a kidney condition that required expensive treatment. He also said that he was 380,000 yuan (roughly 58,000 US-dollar) in debt after a contractor had failed to pay him.