CCP launches campaign to disseminate Xi Jinping ideology

The Central Committee of China’s Communist Party (CCP) has launched a high-level propaganda campaign to disseminate Xi Jinping’s ideology. The “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era” had been enshrined in the Party constitution during the 19th Party Congress in October.

A “central publicity team” (中央宣讲团) composed of 36 high-ranking Party cadres will travel across the country to spread Xi’s vision for China’s future. The team includes three new Politburo members such as Chen Min’er, one of Xi’s closest allies.

The move is another indication of the power concentration around Xi, which is unprecedented in the reform era. The CCP propaganda apparatus is traditionally tasked with spreading the leadership’s main messages after the Party Congress. But the so-called “publicity teams” did not normally include members of the Politburo.

The focus on one outstanding leader in the propaganda effort is a break with the ideal of collective leadership promoted by Deng Xiaoping. The Central Committee decision of November 1 that launched the campaign refers to Xi as “The Leader” of the Party, who is “beloved by the whole country.” Within one week after the Party Congress, nearly 40 Chinese universities established research centers on Xi Jinping’s ideas.

MERICS analysis:

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