The Chinese Dream – not only for the Chinese

In China, no one would normally blink an eye at a 21-year old man singing the praise of China’s state and party leader Xi Jinping on television, especially not around the time of the Communist Party Congress. That changes when the singer is not Chinese, but an American exchange student.

Dylan Walker’s televised rendition of the song “China Dream and My Dream,“ which had first been released in 2013 in honor of Xi’s plans for national revitalization, has gone viral on social media, and not just because of the singer’s perfect Mandarin. 

Netizens seemed unsure of what to think of the American. While negative comments cannot be found on heavily censored Chinese social media, opinions among the overseas Chinese Twitter community (the service is blocked inside China) were divided. 

Some were convinced that the young man’s beliefs are genuine. Others called him a “foreign 50 center,“ referring to the “50 cent army” of Internet commentators hired by the Chinese government to manipulate public opinion.

Walker has described himself as a dedicated China and CCP lover who joined the Communist Party USA after being inspired by the “Quotations of Chairman Mao.“  In an interview released by the CCP mouthpiece Global Times, Walker praised communism as “the ideal social and political system.“

Walker might want to consider extending his stay in this ideal system. For his instant fame in China did not go over so well in his home country, the United States.