How the CCP embraces and co-opts China’s private sector

When the Communist Party’s leaders sped up the opening of China’s state-led economy in the 1990s, private and foreign-invested companies experienced a period of explosive growth. By the year 2000, they contributed more than half of China’s GDP, outpacing state-owned and communal enterprises in many sectors. Today, China’s future-oriented technology industries, from biotechnology to e-mobility and Artificial Intelligence, are all dominated by private companies.

China's tight capital controls fail to address underlying problems

Years of cheap money and loan-fuelled speculative investments have left China with a knot of problems that is all but impossible to untangle. Time is running out to put the financial system on a more solid footing. Tight capital controls have so far helped to maintain financial stability. But they come at a high cost and do not address the underlying problems.

Trump in China: a tourist, not a leader


The Chinese leadership knows how to impress Donald Trump. The US President’s first visit to Beijing was chock-full of glamorous visuals and symbolic recognition. Trump became the first foreign leader to dine in the Forbidden City since 1949! The invitation to the former imperial palace seems fitting, considering that Trump had so admiringly remarked that some might call Xi “the king of China” after his power consolidation at the recent Communist Party Congress.