Waiting for China's data protection law


Fourteen years ago, the Chinese government started to draft a bill to protect citizens’ information across the country. Earlier this year, China’s legislators were still striving to get China’s legislature to review this bill.

Why China should abandon its wasteful GDP growth rate targeting

There are many good reasons to criticize China’s obsession with GDP growth targets. Setting such targets for growth – and therefore for total demand – is a relic from the era of Communist planning in a closed-off economy.  It is a bad fit for today’s open economy, which owes a considerable part of its growth to external demand, the development of which China’s planners cannot directly influence. In times of double-digit growth rates, growth targeting was not a major issue.

How Europe can use the AIIB to influence China

When the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) was taking shape on China’s initiative, many Western observers feared that the new institution would become a vehicle for China to further its own interests.