Chinese President Xi Jinping, left, shakes hands with Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in London Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015, on the first day of their state visit to the United Kingdom.
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British MP Tom Tugendhat on the new China Research Group: We need to understand China better

A few weeks ago, a group of Tory members of the British parliament decided to form the China Research Group (CRG) to promote “fresh thinking” about how Britain should respond to China’s rise. The group is be led by the chairman of Britain’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Tom Tugendhat. In this podcast interview with MERICS analyst Thomas des Garets Geddes, he explains the reasons for establishing the CRG, talks about the future of UK-EU collaboration vis-à-vis China and criticizes China’s handling of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Tom Tugendhat on the new China Research Group
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Tom Tugendhat
Chairman of Britain’s Foreign Affairs Committee
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