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MERICS European
China Talent Program

MERICS European China Talent Program

The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) strives to encourage young Europeans to deepen their engagement with contemporary China. MERICS therefore established the European China Talent Program in May 2015.

The program aims at providing a platform for young Europeans to exchange diverse European perspectives on China, thus allowing the identification of common ground as well as differences in perception. By bringing together 15 outstanding talents for a three-day seminar in Berlin, MERICS wants to lay the foundation for a unique trans‑European network of the next generation of European China experts. 

MERICS is confident that participants from all across Europe will contribute to shaping the future of Europe-China relations and wants to support them on their way. The great interest in the first two editions of the program is an encouraging testament to the next generation’s interest in engaging with China from a European perspective. At the same time, it highlights the need for such a program to foster and strengthen this interest. The energy and commitment displayed by the participants during the intensive program created an atmosphere of vibrant discussion and mutual learning best described by one participant as "something truly European".

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