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Collaboration of the German Federal Agency for Civic Education and MERICS

The German Federal Agency for Civic Education published its latest publication on the People’s Republic of China. It was compiled in cooperation with MERICS. The publication contains 83 articles by 15 authors, most of them part of the MERICS team. The researchers analyze the PRC’s economic, historical, political and societal development. In addition, numerous info boxes, graphs and maps illustrate the articles and provide further information. 

Among a variety of topics, the most prominent subjects covered are:

  • History, cultural traditions, ideology
  • Characteristics of China’s political system
  • Foreign and security policy
  • The transformation of Chinese society
  • Media and internet
  • The PRC’s development from the “workbench of the world” to an innovation-based economy
  • China in the global economy

The current issue of the federal agency’s “Informationen zur politischen Bildung” can be regarded as a valuable source of information for students, teachers and the general public interested in China-related topics.

Click here to download a PDF version of the publication.