MERICS Members Event: China's Economic Resurgence: Navigating the Path to Recovery and Growth

Apr 26, 2023 12:00 - 13:00
Members only

In our recent MERICS Economic Indicators, we took a closer look at China's gradual economic rebound as the nation navigated a post-Covid world. Despite a GDP boost of 4.5% in Q1 2023 following the end of China's strict Covid restrictions, the path forward remained uncertain. As the government cautiously implemented stimulus measures, new Premier Li Qiang focused on boosting confidence in the economy and embracing national strategic priorities. Key factors for the recovery were the rebound in consumption and services, as well as the leadership's approach to tackling high youth unemployment.

In this online session, we explored the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead, as we assessed China's latest economic data, discussed implications for its industrial policy ambitions, and evaluated the risks for foreign companies in the Chinese market.

Max J. Zenglein, Chief Economist MERICS
Julia Coym, Director Greater China and North Asia Control Risks

Claudia Wessling, Director Communications and Publications MERICS

This event was for MERICS Members and key stakeholders. It took place in a confidential setting and was by personal invitation only.

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