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Chinese FDI in Europe in 2021, with Gregor Sebastian



The time of vast investments of Chinese capital into Europe seem to be over. While China’s FDI in Europe in 2021 increased in comparison to the year before, it remained on a multi-year downward trajectory. Globally, also, the growth of Chinese FDI stalled and remained at roughly the same amount as the year before.

Following the recent publication of the MERICS and Rhodium Group report on Chinese FDI in Europe in 2021, we are joined by one of its authors, MERICS Analyst Gregor Sebastian, to take a look at the key take-aways of the report. We pay particular attention to the rise in greenfield and venture capital investments and whether these trends are likely to continue. The conversation concludes with a look at the first year of the European FDI Screening Mechanism and its impact on Chinese FDI in Europe. Questions were asked by Johannes Heller-John.

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