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Klaus Rohland
Senior Policy Fellow

Klaus Rohland recently retired from his position as the World Bank's Country Director for Korea, China and Mongolia, stationed in Beijing, China. In this position he led the World Bank's operational work and advisory services, including the long term strategy studies on China's trajectory towards 2030 and urbanization. Prior assignments included positions as Country Director and Special Representative in the Russian Federation (2007 - 2009), as Country Director in Vietnam (2002-2007), Regional Director for the South Pacific stationed in Sydney, Australia (1997-2002), and early on as Advisor to the Executive Director for Germany at the Bank's Board (1980-1985). From 1985 to 1996 he worked for the Federal Government in Germany, initially at the Ministry for Economic Cooperation, including positions as private secretary to the Permanent Secretary and Division Chief in charge of Cooperation with Eastern Europe and the succession states of the former Soviet Union. As of 2003 he transferred to the International Department of the Office of the Federal Chancellor as Senior Adviser on North South relations before returning to the Bank in 1996. Throughout his career Klaus Rohland has worked on development issues of transition economies and new states with a special focus on institution building. He believes that the core challenge is to manage the negative externalities arising from the asynchrony between short term macroeconomic reform programs and the long term task of institution building. Klaus Rohland studied law and public administration and is a Graduate of the Harvard Business School/ World Bank Group Executive Development Program.

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