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A portrait of Lea Shih.
Research Associate

Lea Shih’s research focuses on China’s political leadership and state institutions.  Prior to joining MERICS she worked as a doctoral researcher at the Department of Politics at the University of Trier. During her research work within the “Governance in China” research network, she completed her doctoral thesis “Chinese Industry Policy, 1978 - 2013”. Shih earned a master’s degree in political science and media science in Trier and a bachelor’s degree in German Language and literature studies in Beijing.

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in: The China Quarterly, Vol. 216, December 2013, pp. 896-919. (with Andreas Hofem)

in: Harvard-Yenching Institute Working Paper Series, No. 1, January 2013. 

in: China Analysis No. 29, January 2004. (with Nicole Schulte-Kulkmann)